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The CMR Website features informative files, radio programs, and fact-based commentaries about Christian public figures, ministries and doctrinal positions.

hristian Media Research (CMR) provides extensive information about a number of modern Christian figures, phenomena, organizations, and more. Knowledgeable Christians are aware that we are presently awash in false doctrine and the "great falling away" prophesied in II Thessalonians. As part of the larger Christian Media ministry - encompassing a nationally distributed tabloid style print newspaper, two printed prophecy newsletters, a daily Internet prophecy commentary, an Internet forum/fellowship group, and a 24/7 Internet, Satellite  and Shortwave radio network - this site was designed to be a resource and a reference  on a wide variety of subjects.

In determining who we should or should not have any involvement with, the Bible tells all Christians the best way is to make those determinations based upon sound Biblical principles. In this regard, that most important New Testament credo "Ye Shall Know Them By Their Fruits" (Matthew 7:16), is a crucial method for determining the measure of a man. While many decry investigative exposés of Christian figures, the Biblical system of recognizing the "fruit" mandates at least a measure of examination.

Although the Christian Media Research (CMR) site functions as an archival source for much of the doctrinal output of the ministry, it should be noted that some subjects are only covered in print (books) or on audio tape sets. To access that information, go to the book and CD catalog found online at

CMR has numerous examinations of individuals, ministries, and doctrines under our ProFiles section. The ProFiles are broken down into categories such as Doctrine, Ministries, False Prophets, and Media. These files feature lengthy examinations and profiles of the relevant subject. The Newsletter section features hundreds of prophecy oriented notes and essays on a variety of subjects.

The radio programs are found through links to our multiple networks, all of which stream the 2 hour daily broadcast The Apocalypse Chronicles. The full 2 hour radio program The Apocalypse Chronicles runs 3 times per day, and may be heard live Monday through Friday at 9 AM (Pacific - Noon EST), and re-broadcast at 2 PM (Pacific) and 6 PM (Pacific) by going to (CMN) at those hours. The show also runs on other networks, such as Christian Media's 2 other radio networks, which are, and, which both run on a 24/7 basis. Both GEO and V have separate schedules of programs and hosts, with programs that do not run on CMN. The Apocalypse Chronicles program also has a television version, which runs weekly on both of our TV networks, and (See the respective websites for program times).

Due to the sheer volume of audio and video programs and production, Christian Media does not archive every show (some shows are archived with access via our our Internet groups -- see below), but chooses to run each program multiple times per weekday, with additional replays on weekends. To help our friends catch the programs they're interested in, we presently field 4 Yahoo based Internet groups, where the members receive regular updates on the areas of interest. They are Sound Body, V Channel, GEO, and the main group covering prophecy, CMNFolks. To receive an invitation to any or all of these free Internet groups, send an email to

The Recent Posts link is for those who have absorbed significant portions of the data online, and notes date and content of additions to the CMR site, providing links to those site updates.

The Snapshots section is an alphabetical index that links all the other sections together (be sure to look under the first name as well as the last name of individuals in which you have an interest). If we have more data than a terse description on the topic of interest, a link is provided.

We insist that anyone who utilizes the material on this site and passes it on to others provide appropriate attribution, as it is at no small expenditure of time, energy, and funds that Christian Media makes this information available publicly (Romans 15:20).

Last but not least, because of this significant volume of activity, as a pivotal Remnant group in the end times, a great deal of our output is the result of volunteers. There are multiple opportunities for volunteers in the Remnant, and your help is needed. To get involved in the end times, send an email to the address just mentioned. 

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